U.S. Sanctions and Sale of Iranian Oil

Iran has been under various U.S. and European sanctions since the beginning of Saddam Hussein’s war against Iran in 1980, for over 40 years. During the past three decades, Iran has been enriching Uranium it claims is for peaceful purposes, primarily producing electricity for domestic use. Sanctions has crippled Iran’s economy, an outcome Iran is determined to change to better the lives of its citizens.

U.S. and the members of JOPCA want Iran to resume its obligations to the agreement. I firmly believe Iran’s leadership, too, is genuinely committed to that. However, their general consensus is the U.S. keeps throwing stone in the wheel by making it harder for an agreement to be achieved.

Regardless of some harsh rhetoric, successful fruition of the multi-party talks is in all involved parties’ best interests.

We hope an agreement can be reached imminently. This is particularly important to the U.S. and its NATO allies in their joint efforts against the war in Ukraine. Lifting of sanctions will inevitably lead to increased oil production by Iran replacing the Russian supply already sanctioned by the West. With that said, we at GCT look forward to it. When that happens, GCT will be in the position to purchase and also assist buyers of Iran’s crude oil and petrochemical products such as gasoline 95 and gasoline 97. If you are a buyer, contact us with your verifiable information and request. There are no exceptions to that.

We look forward to a profitable business relationship.

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