In this section, you will find answers to some of the most important questions.

Q. Is Globe Commodity Traders (GCT) real?

A. Yes. It is as real as you reading the question! We know the answer sounds facetious, but it hopefully gets your attention in a soft and humorous way!

Q. GCT sounds too good to be true. I have seen many individuals and companies that could not deliver in the past and recently. What sets GCT apart from others?

A. GCT’s founding principle is based on trust and competence. We know if it can’t be done, it won’t be. 

Q. Does GCT have a limitation in its scope of activities?

A. Availability of any product changes from time to time. Just drop us a note about the product of your interest. 

Q. Is there a fee to a seller or buyer to secure the product? 

A. No. No financial transaction takes place until the product is delivered. If anyone claims to be an agent of GCT and requests money upfront, please report it to us immediately. All inquiries will be made via an email from GCT not from a third-party email address like Gmail, Yahoo, and the likes. 

Q. What documents does GCT require to be signed? 

A. Parties may be requested to sign a mutual non-disclosure, non-circumvention (MNDNC) Agreement.

  • Buyers and sellers may be required to sign a non-exclusive, no-fee Marketing Agreement (MA) with GCT for a minimum term of five (5) years.
  • Authorized agents must sign a mutual NDNC Agreement first. You must be fully transparent in your further discussions with GCT about your respective relationship(s) with the buyer(s) or the seller(s) you work with. GCT will not pursue relationships under cloud of mistrust or uncertainty.

Q. Will the buyer be in direct contact with the Seller? 

A. The reality is buyers and sellers do not have to get to know each other because what matters is two companies and their bank accounts are used to close a deal. Also, a buyer or a seller may want to remain anonymous due to simply being private individuals. A person’s wish for privacy should not and does not stop transactions in real life in any industry. This industry is no exception; wanting to remain private is that much more pronounced in this industry. So, the answer is not necessarily. 

Q. Is the list of contacts treated as confidential?

A. Absolutely YES. GCT will not, under any circumstance, release names of its buyers, sellers, and agents to any third party unless if it has to abide by a court order.

Q. Are inquiries and communications treated as confidential?

A. Yes. GCT will not, under any circumstance, disclose inquiries and other communications to any third party without the written permission of the disclosing party. GCT will use the information in the manner that is consistent with GCT’s daily operation toward consummating transactions.

Q. Is there a fee to a broker or agent to work with GCT?

A. No. However, if need be, any mandate wishing to work with GCT may have to provide verifiable proof of their authority to work with the companies they represent and submit the required documents such as: LOI, SCO, ICPO, etc. as: “Via GCT.” However, we also do recognize that some relationships are informal and not formalized on paper. 

Q. Why is GCT strict about its policies and guidelines?

A. CGT takes its role as an honest third-party very seriously. So, it does not want to see its reputation be tarnished in any shape or form by any activity that may sound remotely illegitimate and unscrupulous in nature. We are very selective in who and what companies we choose to work with.

Q. What happens if GCT finds out a party has not been honest with GCT?

A. GCT reserves the right to investigate the matter and, if need be and in its sole discretion, sever that relationship with no recourse to the terminated party. The integrity of the process is vital to GCT’s role as an honest bridge and communicator in all transactions.

Q. What should I do next?

A. Please contact GCT and let us know what you need here