Globe Commodity Traders (GCT) is a U.S. based company engaged in sales of crude oil and petroleum as well as other commodities such as iron and copper ore, concentrate, and scrap. 

GCT prides itself on making sure the interests of all parties to transactions are protected. To that end, GCT cuts through the red tape and delivers working with select producers and buyers as well as acting as an independent and non-exclusive marketer and agent of sellers and buyers for various products, depending on the type of relationship it has formed, directly and indirectly, with sellers, buyers, and refineries. Sellers are refineries or their direct suppliers and buyers are either large suppliers with specially designated licenses and exceptionally high credit lines selling to major importers, refineries. A few companies may exceptionally be the exclusive procurement agent, commonly referred to as a mandate, for the end buyer(s) or the seller(s). In rare situations where GCT is not the authorized marketer or agent, yet it is confident in delivery by such entities, GCT will work with them toward a mutually fruitful result.

Commodity transactions are complicated, indeed. Adding to the complexity is some false claims by many individuals to be who they are not, and to promise they can deliver when they cannot. As a result, the path could become far more difficult to navigate than it should be. Sailing through these seemingly insurmountable challenges, GCT has made a conscious effort to abide by its strict and sensible engagement policy so as to stay on course. We deal only with buyers and sellers, meaning entities that have the title to the product. 

We can buy direct. But if you are a buyer or seller and would like to consider designating GCT as your authorized “non-exclusive with no-upfront-fee” independent marketer/agent/mandate, or if you are a verifiable mandate and wish to work with GCT, send us your information and inquiry here.